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Undergraduate Program Admission

Message from the University President

The Ateneo way is more than just a way of educating you to become proficient and successful in the professional world. Yes, you will be stretched here to hone your talents and deepen your knowledge. But the Ateneo way is more than just a matter of education and competence.


We will dare you to discover a larger vision of yourself and our world. We will challenge you to dream of greater things because we know you are more than who you think you are. We do this because the Ateneo is more than just a school.


The Ateneo is a mission we share in Christ who we believe sends us to change the world for the better. That includes reshaping our very selves to be always ready to offer our lives for others.


The Ateneo way is a way of offering, iconized by a small man named Ignatius of Loyola who bent his knees and his life for the greater glory of God.


Find in this brochure the academic programs, student organizations, and all the other Ateneo instruments which we hope will bend your sights toward that larger vision of serving God's greater glory.


May the Ateneo teach you the way to be brave and gracious and true.



Ad majorem Dei gloriam.



Jose Ramon T. Villarin, S.J.


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