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College Athletics Office


The Ateneo de Manila University is a Filipino, Jesuit and Catholic educational institution.  As such, its primary mission is the pursuit of truth and its transmission to and the holistic formation of the student under its care.  The University has committed itself to form men and women who are spiritually mature, academically excellent, socially responsible and culturally rooted.  The pursuit of this utilizes different means and methodologies.  Education is achieved through a combination of classroom instruction and learning and co- and extra-curricular activities designed to enrich the individual’s overall formation.

Athletics is one the avenues for formation.  It has been proven by generations of athletics as an effective tool not just for developing physical prowess but for developing leadership and character as well.  University and College Athletics manage the competitive sports side of athletics.

The University recognizes different sports as legitimate venues for formation and supports the formation of varsity teams that are allowed to carry the University’s official name and represent the institution in University-sanctioned athletics competitions.  These competitions are mostly inter-school or inter-university.  The University lends its good name to these teams because it extends its formative responsibility to the students who comprise the varsity teams.


The College Athletics Office envisions an organization harmoniously and synergistically working together with all stakeholders to produce well-formed and balanced athletes.


In this light, the office strives to provide an environment supportive of the values formation and development of character and athletic prowess of varsity athletes in their pursuit of excellence, through student-led, administrative-enabled, athletic-related activities.


Under its wing, the College Athletics Office supports the college varsity teams, both UAAP and non-UAAP.  The Loyola Schools fields teams to the UAAP in badminton, baseball (men only), basketball, chess, fencing, football, judo, lawn tennis, softball (women only), swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, and track and field.  Fielded in non-UAAP competitions are teams for men and women in arnis, basketball, bowling, football, golf, rowing, and shooting.  The Office also supports the college sports clubs, aikido and karatedo.

The range of services rendered to student-athletes includes the issuance of a certificate of competition participation, early reservation for registration and/or realignment of block sections in certain subjects, accident insurance, PE and/or NSTP exemptions (except PE 101), reduced academic load, scholarships, varsity team budget for transportation allowances and others, and the provision of varsity jackets for all UAAP and non-UAAP athletes and managers.

The Office also participates in special events and projects such as the Blue Eagle Cheer Rally, Sportsfest and PE classes for the participants of the AJSS, Blue Christmas, and handles the Athlete’s Recognition and Awards Night.

Under the Office is the Athletics Council, the student-arm of the Office. It is composed of student leaders coming from the various varsity teams.

The Office also handles the Sports Bulletin of the Loyola Schools, called Athletica.  It comes out in the Ateneo website and in different bulletin boards around the school.  The Office maintains a pool of student-writers and work hand in hand with a group of Ateneo alumni photographers to cover the various sports events.  These pictures can be seen at

Contact Information

Office of College Athletics
PE Complex, Loyola Schools,
Ateneo de Manila University
Tel No. : 426-6001 loc. 5080

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