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Special Programs
Special Academic Programs for International Students

Ateneo is also proud to be a proponent of cultural growth and exchange with universities, institutions, and organizations all over the world. It does this through the Office of International Programs (OIP), which was established in 1994 and is the service arm of the Office of the Academic Vice President.

To support its programs, the OIP offers services to assist international visitors: airport pick-up and drop-off service, housing arrangements, assistance in visa applications, on-campus and off-campus tours, and provision of general orientation materials.

Promoting international understanding and cooperation through programs that make a lasting impression on visiting students is the OIP’s priority. 

This section outlines academic and immersion programs that the OIP may offer your university. We  invite you to consider the general program parameters and review the kinds of programs we run: Philippine immersion, language training and seminars on special topics.


Tailored-made programs

Partner University may choose a specific theme for the program, such as Philippine culture, Philippine education, social justice, Filipino folk Catholicism, etc.

Activities that meet your needs

Most international programs consist of academic lectures and/or immersion activities. Depending on the theme chosen, the programs contents can be designed to meet the needs of the partner university.

Language training

The OIP offers intensive English and Filipino language training programs in coordination with the Ateneo Language Learning Center.

Program duration

Programs may run from two to eight weeks at anytime of the year depending on the request of the partner university.

Transfer of academic credits

OIP programs can be designed to provide academic credits that can be transferred towards the visiting student’s bachelor’s degree in his/her home university. Grades may be given by the accompanying faculty from the student’s home university or by Ateneo professors.

Program fee estimates

No. of Students *

Duration and Cost per Student **
in US Dollars


3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

6  weeks

7 - 9





10 -12





13 -15





16 -18





*     Programs require a minimum of number of 7 participants
**   Cost estimates may vary slightly depending on program contents
       and activities.   
*** Program fees may change without prior notice
Accommodation rates

Students will be lodged in off-campus  hostels or hotels near the Ateneo Loyola Heights campus in Quezon City.  Below are the foregoing accommodation rates.

Hostel        US $15/day/person
Hotel         US $ 25/day/person



Experience the Philippines through Ateneo’s Philippine Immersion programs! 

This program is aimed for international students seeking first-hand information about the Philippines.  Students get an opportunity to live in Manila and experience the many different facets of the Philippines that lies in its rich history and culture as well as its current challenges as country undergoing rapid industrialization. Special lectures are offered by prominent Ateneo scholars who address topics such as Philippine history, Filipino cultural values and beliefs, contemporary Philippine economy, business and politics, Philippine indigenous tribes, environmental issues, popular culture, Philippine religion, cuisine, music and the arts. Classroom lectures are reinforced by carefully selected visits to rural and urban poor communities, historical sites, museums. The program also presents an opportunity to participate in a community house build. 

Partner universities that have availed of this program with us include the University of San Francisco and the University of California, U.S.A.


The Ateneo provides an opportunity for international students to participate in intensive English programs in coordination with the Ateneo Language Learning Center. The language training programs are designed to meet the students’ language needs. The training normally includes a 5-hour daily class on basic skills in listening and speaking, reading and writing.  In addition, students get to interact with Ateneo college students through various university activities and events. Intensive Filipino language training is also available.

Local tours can be organized which may include visits to historical and cultural sites in Metro Manila as well as one-day out-of-town tours to scenic sites in the Philippines.

Universities that have availed of the language programs include Taejon University and Dong-Eui University in Korea, and Nanzan University in Japan.


Ateneo’s academic and immersion programs may also be designed to focus on special topics contextualized in a Philippine setting. The special academic lectures and immersion activities may be tailored to respond to the particular area of study chosen by the partner university.

This special program may be conceptualized together with an Ateneo faculty. The program provides an excellent venue for in-depth social analysis and personal reflection.  

To date, special seminars such as, “Christianity in the Third World” for Canisius College in New York, and “American Influence in Philippine Education” for Stanford University in California  have been organized by the OIP to cater the different requests of universities abroad.  

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