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AHS students in Kostka chapel
Admission Policy
The Ateneo de Manila High School, an exclusive school for boys run by the Society of Jesus, is a Filipino, Catholic college-preparatory high school with programs designed for the above-average student. As a general rule, students are accepted only in first year. In exceptional cases, a very limited number of transferees are accepted in second year. No transferees are accepted beyond second year.

First Year Applicants

The applicant must be a member of the graduating class or in the terminal grade of his elementary school at the time of application. Thus, Grade 6 students from schools where elementary education is only up to the sixth grade are already qualified to apply, while those from schools with Grade 7 must be in Grade 7 when they apply for admission to the Ateneo High School.

No minimum grade is demanded of first year applicants but it is required that they have no failing grades and have good deportment records.

The applicant must pass the entrance test and go through a personal interview.  An applicant may take the entrance test for first year only once.

Second Year Applicants

The school accepts a very limited number of transferees in second year. The applicant for transfer must have good grades (85 or B and above) and good deportment records. He is also required to pass the entrance test and undergo a personal interview.

As in application to first year, a student may take the entrance test for second year only once.

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