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Pathways to Higher Education is an innovative program of the Ateneo de Manila University established in April 2002 that identifies deserving but financially-underprivileged public high school students and equips them with necessary skills, academic and non-academic, to ensure that they get a fair chance at quality college education and a brighter future ahead.

Pathways started as a summer school program, Alay Ni Ignacio (ANI) in 2000, with a group of Ateneo college sophomores teaching advanced classes in English, Science and Math to prepare public high school students for college entrance exams. Because summer was deemed too short to adequately prepare them for college, ANI has since then expanded to a year-long after-school program that reinforces the lessons and skills learned over the summer.

Pathways aims to assist the students with major difficulties that they face in their pursuit of a college degree. These are mainly the lack of academic preparation for college, inadequate family income, lack of self-esteem and lack of educational resources. These are key considerations often drive students to drop out of college even after they are given scholarships.

With the initial support of Ford Foundation in 2002, ANI blossomed into a comprehensive program for marginalized public high school students. Six years later, Pathways is now helping over 500 students obtain and complete college education that they deserve.

Pathways networks with schools, government institutions, business corporations, organizations, and individuals to help young students and their families prepare for college life, and to eventually graduate and become responsible Filipino leaders.


We envision a society wherein there is equity to access quality higher education which empowers and molds future Filipino leaders who will work for the development of the country.


We provide deserving but marginalized youth with opportunities that will nurture their fullest potential to attain quality higher education.

We develop young leaders who embody the Pathways core values.

We will become the premiere scholar formation program.


Education Development: Helping the Student

To equip students with the necessary skills and competence to make it to college:

Academic Enrichment Classes
These are given to graduating public high school students for upcoming college entrance examinations and for core subjects in college. These classes focus on Math, English and Science.

Supplementary Learning Activities
Pathways provides various activities for the students to develop their personal and social skills. Self-Enhancement Workshops are given to build their self-confidence and encourage critical thinking, acquire self-concept and self-esteem, and to mold their personalities instilling core values of being model Filipino citizens.

Learning Resource Centers
These centers are provided for a conducive learning environment. They house computer workstations, periodicals and reference books that students may use for their studies.

Community Development: Helping the Family
To develop relationships within families and to empower and inspire communities

Mutual Support Groups
These are organized for parents within the communities, independently developing projects, and influencing others in achieving quality education for their children.

Livelihood Opportunities Development
Pathways assists in identifying opportunities and strategies to augment family income. With other agencies, training is provided to enhance skills of the parent-participants.

Values Formation Program
The program is composed of various seminars dealing with issues of effective parenting, dealing with adolescence, relationships, etc. These seminars are conducted in partnership with other groups, such as the Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM).

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