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    The Ateneo Department of Biology emphasizes on research. Students are given the opportunity to carry out their own research projects in the final year of the program. A mentorship program is followed whereby students in their final year are matched to a faculty member with whom they confer regularly on their own research concerns. To catch up with the trends of time, the department constantly improves and modernizes its facilities for both teaching and research through acquisition of various equipment for nucleic acid and protein analysis; microscopy; microbial, plant, and animal cell and tissue culture; natural products isolation; toxicology and other physiology experiments; and for studies in ecology, biodiversity, and conservation biology.

2005-2006 research topics

Bacterial biofilm formation
Plant morpho-anatomy
Extraction of RNA from medicinal plants

2004-2005 research topics

Fluctuating asymmetry of plants and animals
Identification of metal resistant bacteria
Analysis of water samples from bottling companies
Modeling yeast spoilage
Effects of colored plastic mulch on plant growth
Comparative anatomy of mammalian larynges
Optimization of plant DNA and RNA extraction protocols
Characterization of plant cell wall materials
Inhibition of bacterial biofilm formation
Morphoanatomical studies on plant calcium oxalate crystal distribution

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