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Areas of Research

Computer Science Theory
(John Paul C. Vergara, Ph.D. and Proceso L. Fernandez, Ph.D.)

Research on different algorithms and data structures for solving
computational problems with practical importance.  The areas of medical
informatics, computational biology, and malware detection and
classification are the current focus of the Research Group

Affective Computing
(Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ph.D.)

Concerned with the creation systems taht can detect, respond to, or
exhibit human emotion, moods, and feelings.  A multidisciplinary field,
it draws its theoretical basis from machine learning, data mining,
ergonomics, cognitive psychology, and others.

Mobile Computing
(Luis Francisco G. Sarmenta, Ph.D. & Jeffrey Jongko, MSCS)

Through the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center, students partner
with business and other organizations to develop new mobile and
eLearning applicationsto the marketplace or to integrate wireless
solutions with their products and services.

Pedestrian and Traffic Computing
(Kardi Teknomo, Ph.D.)

Research and development of algorithms for multi-agent simulation and
sensory devices used in collecting data and tracking agents.  The
developed systems are used to analyze and solve pedestrian and traffic
network problems related to business, public safety and evacuation.

Grid Computing
(Rafael Saldana, Ph.D. & Andrei Coronel, PhD. Candidate)

Research and development on ways to pool the computational power of
individual computers to solve scientific and business problems.

Instructional Technology/Multimedia:
(Fr. Carlos G. Cenzon, SJ)

Investigations on the role and uses of technology in the delivery of
educational content and the fostering of meaningful interactions among
teachers and learners.

Management Informations Systems
(Sandra Francesca A. Lovenia, MSCS)

Research on knowledge management, learning organizations, and role of
technology and meeting the changing needs of industry and governance.

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