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We believe that design is not merely ornamental. Rather, design is concerned with communication, usage, and service. In other words, design is not just meant to look good. Design ought to work well.

We believe in the power of design and the vital role that real designers play in our noise-filled world. Because true design work lies at the intersection of business, technology, and human values, design is very often the key to sustaining and driving effective interdisciplinary collaboration.

Great design and designers bring people together and nurture communication.

Great design gives values, work, and products a razor-sharp competitive edge.

Great design is a powerful social tool that can solve messy problems and can contribute to a humane, just, compassionate, and productive society.

Finally, we believe that we collaborate with the Creator and celebrate creation’s grand plan whenever we design.


Committed to what we believe, we envision a world made more human, more actualized, and more whole by design. We aim to bring that world about through keen and insightful observation, active and compassionate engagement, and relevant and productive work.


The AIDS pioneers, develops, and nurtures a large, vibrant, and sustainable Ateneo community of communicators who possess towering competence and unwavering social commitment, in line with the university’s vision and mission.

The AIDS advocates excellent, relevant, and effective design through practice, promotion, and production. The center runs an intensely creative, rigorous, and professional design practice. It promotes great design and encourages great designers through a public awareness program that educates people about the value of design and the benefits of design thinking. Finally, all the center’s products exemplify great design by making a concrete, bottom line impact on organizations and individuals.

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