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CEFAM Academic Program

Professional Diploma in Family Ministries

 A One-Year Non-Degree Program
Ateneo de Manila University Campus
LoyolaHeights, Quezon City

Objective and Description of the Program
The Center for family Ministries (CEFAM) at the Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University, offers a Professional Diploma in Family Ministries, a one-year, non-degree program.

The program is designed for persons engaged or to be engaged in the pastoral care of couples and families, such as lay-workers and coordinators of family life apostolates, seminarians, Priests, Ministers, and Religious Brothers and Sisters.

There are two major components to the program: COUNSELING (curative dimensions) and SPIRITUALITY (growth dimension). A wholistic, psycho-spiritual approach characterizes the program, utilizing a content-and-process methodology as its means.

The counseling component of the program will include a study of the psychodynamics and relevant socio-cultural factors, and a practicum training in skills necessary for a basic counseling ministry with couples and families.
 The spirituality component of the program will include both a study of the scriptural-moral-doctrinal underpinnings of Christian family life and a graduated, integrated series of growth programs in family spirituality.

The total program aims to train persons in building up the Filipino family as a “domestic Church”, a community of love, justice, freedom and peace, both within the home and in its social role and responsibility to the nation and to the world. The thrust of “service of the faith and the promotion of justice” will permeate the overall program.


1.       A college degree or its equivalent. The major courses of the program are on the graduate school level.

2.       Transcript of record from the college or university attended, showing average or above-average grades for the overall program of studies undertaken.

3.       A filled-in application form, accompanied by three letters of recommendation, one from the Superior or supervisor of the applicant, and two from among his/her associates.

4.       The course offerings will be held in the afternoons and evenings. The spirituality growth programs and other elective seminars will be held on some staggered week-ends. Counseling practicum work will be done in consultation with the counseling supervisor.

Semester 1 (June-October)
COURSES                                                                                Units

Theo 289/ S89

            Pastoral Psychology and Counseling                                                       3

Theo 293/ S93                                                  

            Marital/ Premarital Dynamics and                                                          3
            Counseling: A Psychospiritual Approach

Theo 293.1/ S93.1

            Family Dynamics and Counseling Approaches                                     3

Theo 292.3/ S92.3                     

            Assessment and Initial Intervention of

            Individual and Relationship Disorders                                                      3


·         non-Credit Requirement: Participation In a Growth Group Weekend

Semester II (November-March)

Theo 262.1/ S62.1

            Family Spirituality and Sexual Ethics                                                       3

Theo 294/ S94

            Marital/ Family Counseling Practicum                                                      3

Theo 294.1/ S94.1

            Family Spirituality Practicum                                                                     3
            Elective Course                                                                                                   3
Elective Courses:                                                                                            Units

Theo 279/ S79

            Apostolic Spirituality                                                                                       3

Theo 281/ S81

            Discernment and Spiritual Direction                                                          3

Theo 292/ S92

            Child and Adolescent Counseling                                                                  3

Theo 292.1/ S92.1

            Strategic Family Therapy                                                                               3

Theo 293.2/ S93.2

            Explorations in Individual and Family Resilience                                    3

Theo 295 / S95

            Pastoral Group Process                                                                                      3

Theo 295.1 / S95.1

            Pastoral Clinical Apprenticeship and Supervision                                   3

Others seminars will be offered from time to time. All the course and seminar offerings are under the auspices of the Loyola School of Theology.
Registration Fee                        374.00

                Basic Fee                                  1,728.00

Tuition Fee per unit                 930.00
                Library Fee per unit                  165.00
                9 units and above                   1,512.00

·         As of School year 2005 - 2006 

                Jose M. de Mesa, Ph.D.
Fr. Juvenal A. Moraleda, CSsR, M. A., S.T.L.
                Pilar V. Garilao, M.A., Cand.
                Cynthia J. Gavino, M.A.
Tita A. Go, Ph.D.
                Fr. Teodulo P. Gonzales, S.J., M.A., M.S., Ph.D.
                Fr. Thomas H. Green, S.J., Ph.D.
                Fr. Arsenio A. Lumiqued, Jr., M.S.C., Ph.D.
                Ma. Rosario R. Morato, M.A.
                Fr. Juvenal A. Moraleda, CSsR, M.A., S.T.L.
                Elizabeth E. Rondain, M.D.
                Antonia C. Siy, M.A.
                Fr. Ruben M. Tanseco, S.J., M.A., S.T.L.
                Ma. Teresa G. Villasor, Ph.D.

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