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Board of Directors & Staff
2007 AAA Officers

PRESIDENT: Francisco S. Varona (GS 1964, HS 1968, AB Economics 1972) is on his third year as a director of the AAA. He served as Treasurer in 2006 and  Assistant Treasurer in 2005. He has been elected President by the 2007 AAA board. Frankie is currently the Country General Manager for APP Philippines, Inc.


VICE-PRESIDENT: Ma. Filomena Legaspi Rosales (AB Communication Arts 1976, Ateneo Law School LLB 1981) is on her third year as a director of the AAA and has been serving as the organization’s corporate secretary for the past two years. Nena has been elected Vice President by the AAA board for 2007. She is among the first females to set foot in and graduate from college in Ateneo. Presently, Atty. Rosales is a partner of the Dela Vega, Matta & Bote Veguillas law firm.

TREASURER: Luis M. General (GS 1967, HS 1971, BS Management 1975) has been a director of the AAA from 1995-1997. He served as AAA president in 1996. Louie was nominated and elected to serve again as director in November 2005. He was elected AAA Treasurer by the AAA board for 2007. Currently, he is Vice President of Technical Insurance Brokers, Inc. an is also an active member of the PUSH of the Ateneo High School.

CORPORATE SECRETARY: Eirene Jhone E. Aguila (BS Management Engineering 1999, Ateneo Law School JD 2004) has served as an AAA director from 2002 to 2004 and was the corporate secretary from 2002 to 2003. Eirene was re-elected as a director to represent the young alumni in 2006 and is once again the corporate secretary of the association. As a student, Eirene was active in the Sanggunian and in ACIL. Presently, Eirene is an associate with the Estelito P. Mendoza Law Office. She is also involved in numerous socio-civic and non-profit organizations including Edukasyon Tungo sa Kaunlaran (E2K) and Saranggola.

Members of the Board

Jesus J. dela Fuente (GS 1954, HS 1958, ABEng'g 1962)

Oscar S. Reyes (GS 1957, HS 1961, ABEco 1965)

Antonio G. Puyat (GS 1949, HS 1953)

Miguel Jose C. Valencia (GS 1964, HS 1968)

Ramon Alberto Nolido (GS 1979, HS 1983)

Ignacio Carmelo O. Sison (GS 1978, HS 1982)

Renato S. Sunico, Jr. (HS 1988, ABIS 1992)

Jose Angelo Rafael E. Agcaoili (GS 1987, HS 1991, ABSS 1995)

Vicente Martin W. Araneta III (HS 1981, ABIS 1985)

Cyrus Kim D. Bautista (GS 1993, HS 1997, ABComtech 2001)

Ivan Anthony S. Henares (GS 1993, HS 1997)

For the Senior Alumni:
Cesar S. Gutierrez (HS 1952, AAPL 1955, BSLaw 1957, LLB 1960)

Cesar L. Sison (HS 1949, AB 1953)

Director for Alumni Relations, Ateneo de Manila University:
Romeo A. Dalandan Jr. (GS 1969, HS 1973, ABEco 1977)

Office Staff

Executive Director:
Joseph Anthony M. Quesada (ABMEco 2002)
426-6001 local 4688

Program Manager:

Andrea Nicole Uy Go (ABPsy 2006)
426–6001 local 4033

Secretary / Bookeeper:
Lolit S. Camba
426-6001 local 4689

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