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Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligal
    SALIGAN is a legal resource non-governmental organization doing developmental legal work with farmers, workers, the urban poor, women, and local communities.

SALIGAN's partnerships with the marginalized sectors and local communities are vast and deep. It has more than one hundred (100) partner-organizations all over the country, from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Founded in 1987, SALIGAN is one of the oldest and biggest members of the Alternative Law Groups, Inc. (ALG), a coalition of around twenty-four (24) law groups in the Philippines engaged in the practice of alternative or developmental law. SALIGAN has one of the biggest staff complements among the ALG members, having, at present, twelve (12) full-time and one (1) part-time lawyers and a total of twenty-five (25) staff members.


SALIGAN seeks to effect societal change by working towards the empowerment of women, the basic sectors, and local communities through the creative use of the law and legal resources.


SALIGAN envisions a Philippine society that is just, peaceful, compassionate, and liberating. One where each person, woman or man, is free to live a life more fully human, unfettered by poverty, violence, prejudice, and discrimination. Where the rights of everyone are respected and advanced, regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual identity, culture, or ethnic or regional origin.

SALIGAN envisions a state that is sovereign, progressive, and democratic. One where local communities actively engage in all levels of governance and policy-making. Where political power is pursued to ensure the welfare of all, and to correct unjust social relations.

SALIGAN envisions a national economy that is sustainable, self-reliant, and inclusive. One where the basic sectors participate in allocating resources and directing growth. Where wealth is distributed to ensure the innate dignity of all families.

SALIGAN envisions a legal system that is reflective, dynamic, and accessible. One where the basic sectors freely advocate their causes and assert their rights. Where laws are employed as instruments of justice and development.

SALIGAN envisions a people who live in hope. A people, who in the face of the sufferings around and inside them, trust in their power to transcend.

Contact Information

1st Flr., Hoffner Training Center
Social Development Complex
Ateneo de Manila University

Tel No. : 426-6001 locals 4858-60
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