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Manila Observatory
Manila Observatory

   The Manila Observatory (MO) is a private non-stock, non-profit research institution serving the science apostolate of the Society of Jesus in the Philippines. MO was established in 1865 in Manila, Philippines.

It ventured initially into the systematic observation of the weather, then into typhoon warnings in 1879, and the earthquake investigations in 1880. In 1884, the Spanish government issued a decree formally recognizing MO as the official Institution for weather forecasting.

The succeeding years saw MO branching off into other areas of research and service. In 1885, the Institute began its time service that greatly benefited merchant shipping. In 1887, a seismology section was set up which was later recognized by Spain. And in 1899, the Institute started its astronomical studies.

Impressed by the performance of the Observatory, the American government established it as the Philippine Weather Bureau in 1901. For almost half a century, the Observatory actively participated in international expositions and scientific studies, garnering outstanding award in the Louisiana Centennial Exposition in the United States of America in 1904. Taking notice of MO's achievements, the National Geographic Magazine, in October 1940, wrote of the Observatory as world famous and its Jesuit scientists as experts in their field.

In a period characterized by a growing concern for the environment and sustainable development, the 1990's offered new challenges to the institute. In this context, the Institute envisions itself to be more responsive and proactive in new and pressing issues by pursuing scientific research and development work. It will ensure that its research outputs are of highest quality and are translated into materials that are relevant to the emerging needs of the global environment.


Inspired by Ignatian spirituality, the Manila Observatory is committed to a scientific culture for sustainable development of the Philippines in its regional and global context through research excellence in environmental and pre-disaster science particularly in the areas of atmospheric studies, solid earth dynamics and instrumentation.

To achieve this, we dedicate ourselves to:

Conduct continuing scientific research
Form future scientists
Network with allied groups
Engage in information, education, communication efforts
Collect and manage special research materials
Build the capability of local communities, focusing on the urban environment
Advocate key policies needing scientific inputs

Contact Information

Manila Observatory
Ateneo de Manila University Campus
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
1108 Philippines
Tel No. : 426-5921; 426-6001 loc 4850/1
Fax No. : 426-6141
E-mail Address:

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