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Becoming Gods Light in the World

Becoming God’s Light in the World

The Ateneo believes in the total development of its students. It is with this conviction that the Ateneo education has three major components: very strong programs of study in the professional fields providing the best preparation for their chosen careers, a very strong liberal humanistic education through the Core Curriculum, and a holistic and integrated non-academic formation program focusing on leadership, character, spirituality and service. There is a strong emphasis on student-centered learning: the formation of students into resourceful, creative, and motivated lifelong learners who are reflective, analytical, and strategic in their thinking.

This well-rounded education aimed at the total formation of students is the reason why student life at the Ateneo is a very enriching and fulfilling experience. All students partake of this, even the athletes who have to practice daily to compete in very demanding sports. Thus, a good number of Ateneo athletes are also Deans Listers, academic achievers and student leaders.

The Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person is the major theme that runs through the academic and non-academic programs and formation activities of the Ateneo, then as now. The total development of students in professional excellence, leadership, character, spirituality and service is at the heart of an Ateneo education. It is what shines brightest and what means the most.

The Ateneo endures because its children never forget. For life at the Ateneo is a journey of discovery: of one’s self, of others in the world, of God. Ultimately, it is a journey into God’s light, and a discovery of how this light can be shared uniquely with the world. What one gains in his or her unique journey at the Ateneo becomes an integral part of one’s person forever. The journey ends in a realization that the mission to be Lux in Domino, God’s light in the world, to keep the light burning brightly through generations, is the Ateneo way.


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