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Degree Programs
BA in Social Sciences

Our students learn to use sociological and anthropological perspectives to accomplish three feats: first, to comprehend their everyday life within larger communities; second, to obtain grounding in research methodology; and third, to make sense of pressing issues that beset contemporary social worlds. With this kind of training, students acquire a critical sense of social worlds, an ability they can use to examine phenomena with scientific discipline, assess contending ideologies of social change, offer alternative narratives on tradition, modernity and social change, and make workable recommendations for plans and policies that enhance people’s welfare.

Thus, the AB in Social Sciences prepares students for jobs with people, about people. Our graduates, being well-equipped with a deep and broad understanding of the human condition, have several job opportunities open to them. They have the knowledge and skills needed in the administration, operation, and evaluation of various social development programs such as community organization and development, public health, housing, cooperatives, and urban and rural planning. Graduates enter the media and corporate or business world using a social science background for a managerial or a research position. In addition, social science graduates find fulfillment and satisfaction in teaching social sciences, in doing research with private and government institutions, and in the management of cultural resources (e.g., managing museums, using heritage to enhance contemporary Filipino products). Graduates also find the social science program an excellent preparation for advanced or professional studies in anthropology, business management, development studies, economics, journalism, law, public administration, sociology, urban or regional planning, and related fields.

BA in Social Sciences minor in Cultural Heritage

It introduces students to basic theories and methods in sociology and anthropology while exposing them to an interdisciplinary collection of courses in different social sciences fields and requiring practicum courses for them to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills. It aims to develop sensitivity among the social science students to Filipino cultural heritage that needs to be protected and managed with care.

MA in Anthropology

It provides students with a thorough grounding in the theories and methods of anthropology, and an opportunity to specialize in such areas as cultural change, ethnology, and even more focused areas in social and cultural anthropology.

MA in Sociology

It gives students a firm grounding in the theories and methods of sociology, and an opportunity to specialize in such subject areas as social change, social problems, social organization, and even more focused areas as urban structures, gender relations, social inequality, and interpretative sociology.

MS in Applied Sociology and Anthropology

It responds to a need often expressed by the government and private organizations for a graduate degree designed for: (1) persons who are already directly involved in industry, rural and urban community development and planning, public health, social welfare; and (2) teachers who wish to specialize in the teaching of the social sciences rather than in a research center.

MS in Social Development

It is an applied social science program that gives students the practical, analytical, and theoretical tools to engage in social development work upon completion of their studies.

PhD in Sociology

It provides interested and qualified individuals with a program of studies that will enable them to gain mastery and in-depth understanding of theories and methods, as well as familiarity with issues, to receive the highest academic degree in sociology.


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