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AB Economics, AB Economics (Honors), AB Management Economics

AB Economics Honors, AB Economics, AB Management Economics

Defining what he called the “master economist”, the economist John Meynard Keynes once wrote:

He must reach a high standard in several directions and must combine talents not often found together. He must be a mathematician, historian, statesman, philosopher.

The Department of Economics offers an excellent environment for developing such a synthesis of talents.


Our programs suit students who: aspire for positions of leadership, desire to serve the greater good, and have the discipline to pursue their goals. Our programs offer an interdisciplinary approach and provide a strong foundation to those who wish to enter graduate studies in economics and business, and to those who want to pursue careers in industry, NGO, government, academe and law.

Economics Program

The Program enables the student to have a firm understanding of the workings of the economy, the roles of business and finance, the process of economic development and the global economic integration of countries, to name a few. It is rigorous but still practical enough to be applied in everyday life.

The program provides excellent preparation for students who envision careers in corporate foundations, government, NGOs, research, law and business. It is ideal for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in the fields of Development Economics, Development Management, Social and Community work, International Relations, Human Resource Development, Public Administration, and other related fields.

Economics Honors Program

In addition to what the Standard Program provides, the Honors Program is designed for those who can hurdle the rigorous training in economics and quantitative methods. Graduates of the Honors Program have gone on to become specialists in business, finance and the academe.

Others enjoy successful careers in government as development specialists and policy makers. Many have found themselves well-equipped for graduate studies in economics abroad.

The core courses in the two Economics programs are: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Economics, Statistics and Econometrics, and Development Economics.

Management Economics

The Program offers a balanced mix of business education and economics. This dual orientation is the strength of the program as recent events have shown business survival does not only depend on sound internal management but also on how one can cope with external economic forces.

Graduates of the program have flexible career options. Although many students have opted for careers in business and finance, others have used their business background in entrepreneurial endeavors. The program is a very good preparation for an MBA and to establish a career as a professional manager. It is also a suitable pre-law course.

In addition to some of the core Economics courses, MEco students take up subjects in the John Gokongwei School of Management, which include: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Policy Formulation and Implementation, and Organizational Behavior.

Minor in Economics

The Minor in Economics Program is for students who are interested in acquiring basic facility in economic theory. It provides an economic framework to complement the student’s major field of specialization, allowing him/her to have greater appreciation of current social and economic concerns.

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