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Degree Programs

Department of English - Degree Programs

AB Literature (English)

This is a program in general literature in English from various European, American, African, Latin American, and Asian traditions, including Philippine Literature and Criticism in English. The program also emphasizes the study of a range of theoretical and critical approaches in the analysis of literature.

Graduates enter a wide range of careers, including work in the media (journalism, scriptwriting, editing, publishing, etc.), human resource development, advertising and publicity, arts administration, teaching, and research. Many graduates also go on to become lawyers, executives and managers, as well as social workers and civil servants.

MA English Language and Literature Teaching

The English Language and Literature Teaching (ELLT) is designed for English language and literature teachers in the secondary and tertiary levels whose main concern is to equip themselves with knowledge and skills in the areas of language and literature teaching. This degree aims to develop students who are able to:

1. demonstrate a clear understanding of the theories of language and language learning, and apply these to language and literature teaching practice and research;

2. demonstrate a clear understanding of language and literature teaching methodologies;

3. conduct scholarly research that will address relevant issues in English language education in the country;

4. design and develop materials for language and literature instruction;

5. design and develop evaluation instruments for language and literature teaching.
MA Literary and Cultural Studies

The Master of Arts major in Literary and Cultural Studies is designed to provide high-level instruction in literary and cultural studies in order to produce graduates who are:

1. knowledgeable in theory and skilled in its application,

2. capable of analyzing Third World literary and cultural issues critically, and

3. attuned to the issues in Philippine literary scholarship.

Ph.D. English Language and Literature
The Ph.D. in English Language and Literature is a program that brings together teachers and scholars working on important overlapping areas of inquiry on pedagogical and interpretive approaches to language and literary studies.  In teaching and language practices, the emphasis is on critical literacy and citizenship; in scholarship, the emphasis is on interpretative approaches. Focus is on the literary/cultural and language/linguistic frames in which specific scholarly and pedagogical practices become intelligible as acts with larger socio-political and intellectual implications especially for Philippine or other Asian contexts.

The Ph.D. ELL aims:
1. To advance the understanding of the role of English language and literature in society, with particular attention to its implications for multilingual and multi-cultural settings.

2. To engage in a critical review of issues, options, and developments informing the study and teaching of language and literature.

3. To contribute to the development of ideas and scholarship in English language and literary studies in the Philippines and in other parts of Asia in view of comparative cultural contexts.

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