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Grade School Admission
Admission to the Preparatory Level  for School Year 2009-2010  


I.  Policy On Admission
All male applicants are required to take the entrance test for admission to the Preparatory Level following set guidelines by the Ateneo Grade School’s administration. The entrance test is administered during the months of August to  November.  The applicant is given the entrance test once only.


II.  Norms for Admission
The  applicant’s  admittance to  the  Preparatory Level  is  based on his performance in  the entrance  test   which measures the  cognitive  and  behavioral skills necessary  for  formal schooling. The duration of  the test is about  40 - 45 minutes.
The actual test scores of the applicant are confidential. Needless to say, they are not released to the parents.

III.   Pre-application Requirements

Application forms  may be secured from the Registrar's Office beginning July 7, 2008 until the projected number of applicants is reached.

Application is  open to males  born between December 16, 2002- December 15, 2003


The required documents are  as follows:

a.    original and photocopies of the applicant’s :

1.    birth certificate
2.    baptismal certificate
3.    for non-Catholics,  a certification of  affiliation
        in a religious  group

b.    original and photocopies of parents’ marriage certificate

c.    two 1” x 1” ID pictures to be pasted on the application form 
        and testing permit

IV.    Application Procedure

1.    Secure the preapplication form from the Registrar's Office,
        Window #1  or  #2.

2.    Pay the application and testing fee of P 600.00
         (non-refundable) at the Cashier's Office, Window #10.

3.    Claim  the  application  form  from   the Registrar's Office,
        Window # 3 or # 4.

4.    Submit   the  application  form  together   with  the  required
        documents  on   the   specified due  date to the    Registrar's
        Office, Window #3 or #4 .

The  medical  certification at  the  back  of  the  application  form must be duly accomplished by your physician  upon  submission of  the form.

If the required  documents are not submitted by 3:30 p.m. of the specified  due date, the slot will be given to another applicant.

5.    Secure  the  schedule  for testing  and  the  testing  permit
        from the Registrar's Office, Window # 3 or # 4 upon 
        submission of the required documents and the duly
        accomplished application form.

V.   Schedule of Offices

A.    Registrar's Office (Tel No. 4266001 local 7238 or 7239)

        Monday to Thursday        7:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
        Friday                                   7:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

B.    Cashier's Office (Tel. No. 426-6001 local 7204)

        Monday to Friday              7:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

VI.    Pretesting Procedure

On the scheduled testing day, be at the designated waiting area near the Child Development  Center  30 minutes before the test. You will  present  the testing  permit  to the assigned  Grade School personnel.

                 In case of cancellation of classes, please inquire from the
                 Registrar’s Office regarding rescheduling of the test.

For further inquiries, please call the Registrar’s Office, Tel. No. 4266001 local 7238 or 7239

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