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European Studies Program - Degree Programs
AB European Studies

The European Studies Program equips students to understand the cultural, economic and political relations between the Philippines and Europe, specifically the European Union. The program seeks to develop future professionals who will enhance the Philippines’ role in the global community, particularly in that region of the world. The program thus educates professionals who will help the country respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the European integration.

Students have the choice of pursuing either of two tracks of European Studies strategic for Filipinos: the Business track or the International Relations track. Under both tracks, students gain a macro view of the European business, economic, and political environment. The program provides insights into the richness of European culture and teaches effective communication skills in continental European languages

Career opportunities abound among the many organizations that deal with Europe. In the government sector among others, these include the Foreign Service, DTI DOLE, and the European Desk at NEDA. Foundations and organizations such as the European Chamber of Commerce, and the European embassies as well as various UN Country Teams are potential employers. In the private sector, our students are sought by multinational corporations and export-oriented enterprises, in general management, corporate planning and marketing.

Study in Europe

The program offers a junior term in Europe with possible partial scholarship for some deserving students. Electives include a Summer Study Tour in Europe. Linkages with European universities coupled with their foreign language skills increase the students’ opportunity to take MA in Europe.

The program also regularly administers a one-month summer review for the Foreign Service Officers’ competitive examination.

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