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BS Environmental Science

One of the paradoxes of the modern age is society’s rapid progress amidst escalating environmental degradation. To arrest these problems and to attain sustainable development means that appropriate sciences and technologies must be applied while considering economic, socio-political, and ethical dimensions.

The BS Environmental Science (BS ES) program aims to provide its students with a well-rounded liberal arts and science education, so that they may be equipped to deal with complex environmental issues. Owing to the large scope and complexity of the field of environment, the curriculum integrates various principles derived from the natural sciences, the social sciences, law, and management. With its hands-on approach to the study of the environment, students gain, first-hand, an understanding of specific issues, in preparation for various career options in research, consultancy, industry, government service, and/or graduate studies.

Students are guided by a team of faculty who come from diverse disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Law, Environmental Management, Geology, Meteorology, and Engineering.
Master in Environmental Management

The program aims to respond to the needs of environmental management professionals from government, business and industry, non-governmental organizations, consultancy firms and academe. It is a non-thesis program that provides the student with the essential background in Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Economics, Ethics, Policy and Law as well as the principles and practices in Environmental Management.

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