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BS Chemistry (BS Ch) 

The four-year B.S. Chemistry program provides students with a very strong foundation that gives them opportunities to work as chemists in industry or research, to pursue an academic career, or to move into other areas such as business and engineering. The curriculum puts emphasis on fundamental principles of chemistry, modern chemical instrumentation, and a strong hands-on component. Because laboratory work is done individually under the supervision of highly qualified faculty and using state-of-the-art facilities, each student develops a high level of competence and confidence. Graduates are eligible to take the Chemist Licensure Examinations. Most graduates of the program have found careers in industry, inevitably moving into positions of leadership. Those who opted for academic careers successfully finish their graduate degrees from prestigious universities abroad. There are also those who chose to become entrepreneurs, and have succeeded in their businesses.

Outstanding students in the B.S. Chemistry program may choose to move into the integrated B.S./M.S. Chemistry program starting their junior year. Students in this program receive a B.S. Chemistry after four years and complete their M.S. after an additional year. This program features advanced coursework and emphasizes independent research in a streamlined study program. It is designed for students who are interested to do graduate studies in Chemistry, and allows graduates to immediately pursue doctoral studies at institutions that require a master’s degree for admission.

A 4-year program that prepares the student for careers in industrial manufacturing firms, research and development, product development, postgraduate work and research in science, and others; the program culminates in a thesis research project.

BS Chemistry and BS Applied Computer Systems (BS Ch:ACS)

The BS Chemistry with BS in Applied Computer Systems (abbreviated CH/ACS)
is a five-year double-degree program established in cooperation with the Electronics, Computer and Communication Engineering Department of the
Ateneo de Manila University. Students in the CH/ACS program initially obtain a BS in Chemistry (CH) after four years of full-time study, and a BS in Applied Computer Systems (ACS) after an additional year. Formerly known as the BS Ch/CE (Chemistry with Computer Engineering) program, which in the 80's pioneered the design and fabrication of micro-computer-based data acquisition and instrumen-tation; the Ch/ACS program has been revised and updated to meet today's technological advances.

Students of the CH/ACS program have a full training in Chemistry (and are eligible to take the Chemistry Professional Licensure Exam), but in addition are trained to integrate computers into scientific instru-ments. Subjects include computer interfacing, signal processing, embedded systems, operating systems concepts, data communications and networking. Graduates find employment in consulting, manufacturing, software development and education.

BS Chemistry and BS Materials Science Engineering (BS Ch:MSE)

New materials and devices with special properties will be in demand for the technologies of the 21st century. Materials Science and Engineering answers this need by integrating the knowledge and tools of chemistry and physics with engineering principles to design, fabricate and characterize improved and novel materials such as polymers, biodegradable plastics, biocompatible materials; ceramics, metals, and composites for stronger structural materials; semi-conductors for more efficient electronic devices; longer-lasting paints, coatings and corrosion resistant materials; and many others. This recently-introduced program is a five-year dual-major program where the students obtain a B.S. Chemistry after four years and a B.S. Materials Science and Engineering (BS MSE) after the fifth year. The B.S. Chemistry program combines a strong foundation in chemistry with a focus on materials through specialized electives. The combined five-year program provides competencies for careers in industry, especially in the areas of semiconductors, plastics, rubber, paints and resins, ceramics, textiles, food, or even cosmetics. Graduates are eligible to take the Chemist Licensure Examinations.

BS/MS Chemistry (BS/MS Ch)

This ladder undergraduate/graduate program aims to (i) allow students to complete both the corresponding undergraduate and graduate degrees within a period of 5 years of continuous study; (ii) cater to students who seek to "fast track" to a Master's degree as prerequisite for a Doctorate degree, or for preparation and advancement in industrial settings that require research in the professional practice of chemistry.

B.S. Management of Applied Chemistry

A 4-year merger program with the Management Department of the Ateneo, the program aims to develop entrepreneurial managers with strong foundation in the science & technology, particularly in chemical-related ventures; the program is highlighted by a summer industry internship and a product launch in the senior management year.


Admission to any of the Chemistry undegraduate programs requires formal application with the Office of Admissions and Aid.

B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems are honors programs which admit only applicants within the top 15 percentile of the incoming first year students.

Financial assistance in the form of scholarships are available to deserving students; this should be applied for during the time of application for the Ateneo College Entrance Tests (ACET).

Graduate Degrees

MS Chemistry

An advanced studies in chemistry for those intending to further their careers in research and development in industry, government institutions, or the academe; the program emphasizes independent scientific research.

M Chemistry

A non-thesis coursework-based Masters Program aiming to (i) provide a strong theoretical and practical foundation in advanced chemistry, without the typical emphasis on research leading to the publication of a thesis; (ii) cater to students who seek a graduate degree for career or position advancement, increased competence in teaching or industrial settings, or other purposes related to the professional practice of chemistry.

MS Chemistry Education

An advanced studies in chemistry for those intending to further their careers in the academe particularly in the development of the practice of teaching the discipline.

 PhD Chemistry

This is a research degree in chemistry for those intending to specialize in research and development in industry, government institutions, or the academe; the program culminates in a defense of a novel research dissertation.


Admission to the Chemistry Graduate Programs requires formal application with the Ateneo Graduate School which requires, among other things, an entrance examination, official transcripts of records, letters of reference and interview with the Department of Chemistry Chair.

In general, the applicant is expected to have an undegraduate training in Chemistry or an allied field which covered two semesters each of general & inorganic, analytical, organic, and physical chemistry.

Financial aid in the form of scholarships are available from the CHED-FDP, DOST-PCASTRD or through the Graduate School. A 50% tuition discount is available for full-time teachers.

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