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Linking European and Asian Academic Networks: Experiences in Climate Change and Disaster Research and Education

PDF copies of powerpoint presentations by speakers:


Conference Rationale & Overview

Mr. Stelios Grafakos

Keynote Address
Fr. Daniel McNamara

Plenary 1-1: The State of Climate and Disaster Science in the Philippines
Dr. Gemma Narisma

Plenary 1-2: The State of Climate Change and Disaster Policy
and Practice in the Philippines

Ms. Jessica Dator-Bercilla

Panel Discussion:

Aksyon Klima Philippines
Ms. Rowena Bolinas

InventCCA Community of Practice
Ms. Agnes Balota

Development of Climate Scenarios to Support Adaptation Planning
and Practices in Asia and the Pacific

Mr. Charles Rodgers

Communities of  practice on climate change in Philippines
and Asia Knowledge Center on Climate Change

Ms. Mariliza Ticsay

Cities and Climate Change Initiative Program in the Philippines
Ms. Maria Adelaida Antonette Mias-Mamonong

EU Policies in Climate Change

Mr. Tony Carritt


Recap of Day 1

Plenary 2-1: Environmental, Climate Change and Disaster
Education in the Philippines at the Tertiary Level

Ms. Ellen Basug

Plenary 2-3: Climate Change Education in Europe:
Demonstration of LEAN-CC E-course

Mr. Stelios Grafakos

Plenary 2-4: Climate Change Education for Local Governments: Programs, Networks and Needs

Ms. Thelma Vicina

Plenary 2-2: An Overview of Climate Change and Disaster Research
and Education in EU HEI

Mr. Rick Heikoop

Plenary 2-5: Climate Change Education and Training Needs from the Perspective of the Private Sector
Ms. Lisa Antonio

Plenary 2-6: EU Education and Training Networks towards Building Solutions to Climate Change

Mr. Bert Hoojier


Recap of Day 3

Plenary 3-1: Facilitating Student Exchange through LEAN CC:
Demonstration of the E-Platform

Dr. Corazon Dee

Plenary 3-2: Mapping Mobility between Asia and the EU
Mr. Ed Maan

Plenary 3-3: Getting started with exploring studies in Europe

Study in Italy
Ms. Maria Cristina Moricca

Campus France
Ms. Camille Dulor & Ms. Emille dela Cruz

Poster Awarding

Poster Exhibit Winners

For questions, please email the LEAN CC organizing team at

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