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Social Security System (SSS) Online Registration

All employees (members of SSS) are encouraged to register online to be able to get a user ID and password that will enable you to access your respective social security records from the SSS Online Inquiry System. 

This service is far more convenient and economical for you will be able to download and print your SS records at the comfort of your home or office. The need to visit and queue at our branches to request for print-outs is therefore eliminated. 

To register, simply type in the address bar of your internet browser:

The following are required in order to register:

     1.    SS Number (composed of 10 digits)

     2.    First, Middle and Last Names

     3.    Date of birth

    4.   E-mail address (preferably, use another e-mail address aside    from the Ateneo  e-mail address, if you decide to use your e-mail address - kindly inform your network administration no to block mails from

Upon receiving the e-mail advise from SSS, you will be asked the following:

     5.   Mother's maiden name (indicate surname only)

     6.   Address

     7.   Postal Code

     8.   Contact Number

   9. Preferred User-ID (8-20 characters; no special character allowed except  underscore) 

     10. Ateneo (Employer) ID No. (03-0034300-1-000)

Follow the directions until finished.


Info Series (#002: 03-15-2012)

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