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The Labor Management Committee (LMC) is where both the Administration and Union work hand-in-hand to foster industrial peace and improvement in productivity, working conditions and the quality of work life. To achieve this, both parties embark on labor-management cooperation programs.
The LMC fosters a work environment of trust and honesty. It is also a forum for discussion of issues. It is a venue for collaboration in projects for the benefit of employees who are members of the union.
One such project is the LMC ‘Tulungan’ Project.
The objective of this project is to:
Provide union members opportunities for earning additional income by making the University Community aware of the services that union members can provide.
·         The work (from diagnosis to completion) will be done outside the University premises.

·         Ang serbisyo o patrabaho (mulang umpisa hanggang matapos) ay gagawin sa labas ng Unibersidad.

·         The work will be done outside the official working hours of the employee including breaktime/s.

·         Gagawin ang serbisyo o patrabaho sa labas ng opisyal na oras at oras ng pamamahinga ng empleyado.

·         The employee will use his/her personal tools/equipment.

·         Sariling kasangkapan ang gagamitin ng empleyado.

Compliance with the above guidelines is required of both parties, i.e., the employee who will provide the service and those who will contract the service of anyone in the attached list. 
The service provider and the contracting party will be responsible for:
a.   any arrangements/transactions;
b.   assessing the skills of, or the quality of work rendered by, any service provider in the list; and
c.  avoiding/handling any untoward incident that may occur in the course of the contracted work.
The LMC will
a.   prepare the list of union members (including spouse) and the services they can provide;
b.  update the information yearly using inputs from individuals in the list and other union members;
c.   disseminate the list; and
d.   accept feedback from individuals who provide the service and from those who contract their service, and use this to evaluate the project every 6 months.

The LMC is composed of the following members:
For the Union:
For the Administration:
Mr. Esteban B. Acain
Union Vice President/Union Panel Chairperson
Multi-Media Center, Rizal Library

Mrs. Ma. Aurora B. Bulatao
Administration Panel Chairperson

Mr. Nomeriano S. Amata, Jr.
Chairman – Union BOD/Union Panel Member
Physical Plant, AHS
Fr. Miguel B. Lambino, S.J.
Administration Panel Member
Jesuit Residence

Mr. Remelito C. Salinas *
Member – Union BOD/Union Panel Member
Facilities Management Office

Ms. Thelma G. Padero
Administration Panel Member
Assistant to the Treasurer, OVPFT

Mr. Eduardo Q. Corpuz
Member – Union BOD/Union Panel Member
Microform Reading Center, Rizal Library

Mr. Michael M. Canlas
Administration Panel Member
Assistant to the Director for Physical Resources, OAS LS

LMC Secretary
Mr. Tomas L. Testa IV

*replaced Mr. Dario B. Cruz

Attached below is the link to the list of employees and their skills:

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