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HR Help Desk

The Human Resources Management Office (HRMO) continues to find ways to better serve the needs of the Ateneo Community.

We are pleased to announce that starting 09 August 2011 the HRMO will have a HELP DESK 24/7.  This service will provide support to Ateneo employees by answering their day to day transactional queries regarding HR policies and processes.  You may call the HR HELP DESK through 921-97-24 during office hours or through 544-10-26 (PLDT Landline Plus) after office hours (You may also send a text message to +6325441026.  You may e-mail us your concerns through

The HR HELP DESK will enable HRMO to:

1.  Have a single point of contact for general queries and concerns related to, and service provided by HRMO;

2.  Log service and information request calls;

3.  Resolve requests quickly and efficiently;

4.  Track and manage difficult requests by providing for a means for escalating very complex requests and monitor those to the next level of support;

5.  Resolve as many requests as possible on the initial inquiry, thereby reducing the number of inquiries redirected to the next level of support;

6.  Refer concerns that are best addressed by other offices to the appropriate party.

Over time, HRMO intends to post answers to frequently asked questions and employee information needs on the HR website.  It will also allow HR to be proactive about where to focus its work program.  The data gathered will give HRMO greater insights into what HR information and services the faculty and staff need and are interested in.

The HR Help Desk, one more way by which HRMO serves the needs of the Ateneo community.

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