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Employee Referral Program
I've Got a Friend -- ADMU Employee Referral Program

The Ateneo de Manila University is always on the look out for top notch employees.  The Employee Referral Program goal is to expand the applicants' pool for vacant positions.  The ERP recognizes that our employees are uniquely qualified to recognize people who share our values and commitment.

If an employee on active payroll status refers a person who then is hired and remains in the job at least six months, the employee will receive PHP3,000 less applicable taxes for Category A employees and PHP8,000 for Category B employees.  To receive this reward, referring employee must be employed by the Ateneo de Manila University when the reward payment is made.

Who Can Make a Referral?

You are eligible to make an employee referral if you are not involved in the hiring and selection process for the referred candidate.  HRMO administrators and staff are not eligible.

What types of jobs are designated for this reward program?

The following positions are generally eligible for employee referrals:

          *  All regular (plantilla) staff positions (except maintenance)
          *  All administrator positions
          *  Other positions which do not fall under the above categories but may be
                designated eligible for ERP because they are either mission critical or
                applicants are difficult to source.

Current job vacancies are posted in the HRMO website.  Positions included in the ERP and the Category will be indicated.

Who can be referred?

Candidates are eligible for employee referral provided they:

        *  are not currently employed by Ateneo de Manila University in any capacity;        
        *  have not been referred previously by someone else; or        
        *  have not previously applied for a position at Ateneo de Manila University

Candidates must demonstrate that they:

       *  have the required qualifications,
       *  have good employment record,       
       *  are not disqualified under the University's Employment of Relatives Policy

The Employment and Development Section of HRMO will make the final determination regarding eligibility after the candidate applies and the application or resume has been reviewed.

How do I refer someone?

The process of referring a candidate is simple.  Just complete the Employee Referral Form and send it to the Human Resources Management Office, 2/F Xavier Hall.  If you refer more than one candidate, you need to complete a separate form for each person.  You may refer someone only once.

NOTE:  The applicant must also indicate that you referred them on their application form.  When asked "How did you hear about this position?" on the application, the individual should write the name of employee who referred him/her.

When am I eligible to receive the referral reward?

The referral reward will be made through your regular payroll as an added payment and is taxable.  You are eligible to receive the reward:

       *  if you submitted your referral form prior to the time the candidate
                submitted his/her application or if  the candidate indicated you as the
               referring employee;
       *  when the person you referred is hired into a position included in this
             program; and
       *  if the person you referred is employed for at least six months.

You must be employed by the University when the payment is made, normally soon after the person you referred has been in the job six months.

What if I know someone to refer but the position is not eligible for a referral reward?

Even though all positions at the Ateneo de Manila University are not included in the employee referral program, we encourage you to refer them because we believe that employee referrals are one of the most successful ways to attract talented people.

Please review the policy on Employment of Relatives.

Other Things You Should Know

The Human Resources Management Office reserves the right to make the final determination about candidate eligibility, including whether they are qualified for positions designated within the program.  In the event an applicant is referred by more than one employee, the deciding factor will be the date of receipt of the referral to Human Resources.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Ms Christine Velasco or Ms. Nikki Valenciano.

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