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Ateneo Special Education Society

Ateneo SPEED envisions a society that understands and cares for  persons with special needs.  By visiting special schools every week and  conducting activities with the special children, we contribute to their  development, and at the same time, discover their unique talents.  Through
our various projects, we are able to advocate for the special kids to different  groups within and outside the Ateneo.

Projects and Services
• Sprummage Sale - Sprummage Sale is SPEED's annual fundraiser,  where it collects donations from both SPEED and non-SPEED members  and sells them at very low prices in the Ateneo Campus and  different subdivisions.
• Bring An Org To Area (BAOTA) - Bring An Org To Area (BAOTA) is  an activity that allows Ateneo organizations, particularly from the  Performing Arts Cluster (PAC), to share their talents and expertise  to the special kids inside of SPEED's different partner institutions  through area visits.
• Sparkle - Sparkle is SPEED's biggest project.  It is a Christmas carnival  for the special kids to do activities and play in game booths made by organizations from within and outside the Ateneo.
• No SPEED Limit (NSL) - NSL is SPEED's annual fun run that aims to raise funds for SPEED and a specific beneficiary, either a child with  special needs or a SPED institution.

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