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Musmos Organization

Musmos is a sector-based organization catered towards the urban poor  children of Katipunan and Cubao.  For 25 years, Musmos continues to  envision holistic formation that will empower and provide an avenue for  these kids to look beyond their urban poor conditions and simply enjoy  learning experiences through the organization's weekly apostolate areas  where play therapies and values formation activities are conducted.  Aside  from apostolate areas, Musmos holds annual projects like KCrismusmos  and Medical and Dental Missions that cater not just to the kids, but to  the whole community of both Katipunan and Cubao.

Projects and Services
• KCrismusmos - the annual two-day Christmas celebration of Musmos Organization
• Open Area - Apostolate areas open for non-Musmos members, held  once per sem
• Area Profiling - Needs assessment for the Katipunan and Cubao  communities for Operation Letting Go Project of Musmos Organization
• Musmos Poverty Awareness Exhibit - a weeklong poverty awareness  campaign in the context of urban poor children.
• Medical and Dental Mission - annual community-based project where  doctors and dentists are invited to conduct check-ups and also provide  health advice for the community.

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