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The hospital is no place for a child to grow up.  Unfortunately, many  children aren't really given a choice.  We, at Kythe, do what we can to give  these kids the childhood they deserve, the childhood their sicknesses try  to steal away from them.  We try to bring back the smiles on these kids' faces the simplest way we know how, by playing and spending time with  them.  In doing so, we hope to uplift their spirits so that they continue on  with battling their sicknesses.
Kythe-Ateneo is an organization geared to uplift the spirits of pediatric  cancer patients and their families through volunteerism and to promote  the awareness and advocacy of the Child Life Program in the Philippines.

Projects and Services
The following are events of Kythe-Ateneo that are open for collaboration:  Celebrate Life Parties, I am Hope, Kythe Week and Kythe Flying,  Kythe Christmas Party.  All of which are events geared to achieve visibility,  awareness, knowledge, and active engagement with inside and outside  organizations, aiming to uphold the Child Life Program and to uplift the  spirits of pediatric patients and their families through volunteerism.
To be more specific, Celebrate Life Parties are hospital parties held each  month, aimed at celebrating one more month of therapies, of medication,  of hope, and of life. For these events, partner organizations are invited to  share an afternoon with the kids in the hospital.  The I am Hope and the  Kythe Christmas Party are more flexible with regards to activities.  The  said events may have various activities such as scavenger hunts, arts and  crafts, amazing race, magic shows simple skits, presentations, and more.   Lastly, Kythe Week and Kythe Flying are events that take place inside the  Ateneo.  Kythe Week includes Be Brave Get Shaved, and Blood Donations  among other activities which promote our advocacy within the school.   Lastly, Kythe Flying is a culminating event for Kythe Week, celebrating  what it simply means to be a kid.  The morning, filled with activities, usually  rolls into a kite flying afternoon, a chance for kids, Kythers, and advocates  to simply enjoy life as it happens because kids should be flying kites, not  fighting cancer.

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