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Ateneo Management Information Systems Association

We are the Ateneo Loyola Schools' premier information management  organization.  Founded in 1994, it is now on its seventeenth year of pursuing  its main advocacy—social transformation through information management.   We aim to be the country's leading student organization of information  management professionals leveraging our skills in information technology  for our pursuit of excellence and nation building.

• Website Development - We can provide full website services from  hosting, domain registration, website development to website design.  We can do more than just a simple website, we can make it interactive  with custom-made functionalities.
• Systems Development - We can provide you any system specially  suited to your organization's needs, be it a registration system, voting system, or inventory system.

Projects :
• Build-a-Lab - The organization intends to donate a certain percentage  of their gross earnings from events and fundraising efforts to the  ANCOP area partnered by the OSCI so that they will be able to  build their own computer laboratory for the children who have an  interest in improving their computer literacy.
• IT Week - This is a week-long showcase of the newest innovation in technology and cutting-edge revolution in the field of information  technology and information management.
• Leadership Awareness Program - This is a year-long training program composed of a series of activities and talks that aims to provide all  members the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in performing various tasks and activities.

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