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Ateneo League of Physicists

Physics isn't just about numbers or Greek letters, about velocities & accelerations,  angles & vectors, or electrical & magnetic fields.  Physics is a  science that encompasses everything in our world.

A universal science.   A science for everyone.

We, the League of Physicists, are more than just an organization of Physics  enthusiasts.  We are more than students.  We break the barriers between  the seen & the unseen.  We link between the greatest of spaces & the minutest  of particles.  We choose to see beyond the theories & equations.  For  Physics is what helps this world keep moving & be what it is.

Projects and Services
• Kindergarten Group Sessions - These lectures are by no means kindergarten in any level. Here, physics students and teachers share  the limelight as they talk about different interesting topics in physics.   We want to broaden the topics of these talks so physics crossovers  or applications to different fields are welcome.
• Physics Demonstrations - This activity is participated in by LeaPs  members and shall be made available to other organizations and institutions throughout the year. Here, our members act as facilitators  and presenters of different physics set-ups that are fun, interesting  and informative.
• Stargazing - The best entertainment during the nighttime: looking up.  Participants are given the chance to observe what the ancient greats  observed before. Telescopes are open for use and talks/tutorials of  proper usage and observing are offered.

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