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Computer Society of the Ateneo

The Computer Society of the Ateneo is not just a gathering of people who  enjoy Facebook, or a mix of individuals who think programming is a sport.   CompSAt is a group of IT enthusiasts who share the Atenean vision: to be  men and women for others.  The organization immerses itself in the Ateneo  culture by harnessing its passion for Information Technology--whether  in learning IT through IT Forums and seminars, using IT to service others  through software/web development and tech support, or sharing IT  through tutorials and the BIT Camp outreach program--so that its members  may reach out to Ateneans and the rest of the Filipino community.   Our social life isn't just online.  Let this student group be evidence enough  that IT can be fun in ways more than one.

Projects and Services
• BIT Camp - BIT Camp is an event that sends a team of CompSAt  members to external entities (such as public schools and/or organizations)  to teach selected IT topics to its students. We are open to  teaching specific groups or institutions through tie-ups with other organizations.
• IT Forums - IT Forums are a set of lectures that discuss and teach IT-related topics to interested members of the Ateneo community.   Interested organizations may collaborate with us to host lectures  that concentrate on IT-related topics that they specialize in, such as  graphic design and advertising.
• ITM Tutorials - This tutorial aims to assist Management majors in  their ITM 11 Diagnostic Exam. Slide sets, handouts, and sample questions will be provided for attendees. Collaborations with management organizations will help us create the best possible modules and  resources for the lecture, and will ensure that more people will be  aware of the tutorial.
• Development Services - CompSAt has been rendering its development services for the past few years to other organizations, companies  and institutions in need of robust IT solutions.  Last year, we  were able to develop 11 applications, including websites for OrSem  2011, STRAINS, Loyola Mountaineers, Sanggu, and MeCo.

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