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Ateneo Biological Organization - eXplore eXperience eXcel

BOx, the home organization of the Biology department, initially aimed  to provide its members with a venue to explore and experience various  sub-disciplines of biology and to excel in their chosen endeavors.  Now  on its fourth year of accreditation, BOx has gone beyond academic- and  research-oriented formation to become one of the most essential and  life-changing experiences that Bio/LfSci majors could have, allowing BOx to  become a family that knows that the best way to study life is to live it.

Projects and Services
• BOxpedition (Aug 2011) - This is a tie-up activity with a sector based  cluster organization that allows BOx members to visit institutions to  interact with the children. While doing so, the kids are exposed and  taught to appreciate basic biological concepts and biodiversity.
• Beach Clean-up (Sep 2011) - This is an exposure trip to marine and  coastal areas in which BOx members help clean-up particular coastal  areas.  This activity promotes appreciation of subtidal ecosystems and  awareness to the various threats faced by these environments.

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