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Ateneo Electronics and Computer Engineering Society

We go beyond capacitors and resistors.
The ATENEO ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING SOCIETY  is the home organization of future engineers in the Ateneo.   As an organization, we are dedicated to helping our members develop  their skills further through various activities arranged by our different  departments.
With events and projects that aid the academic performance and enrich  the social well-being of each individual, we remain true to our commitment  to form ingenious and outstanding innovators who are well-equipped  to serve the community through the fields of science and  engineering.
AECES, discover your true potential.

Projects and Services
• Website Development: AECES provides Website Development  services wherein our Promotions and Publications department's Web  Team will design and develop your websites.  We customize these  websites according to the customers' liking and needs.
• Video Editing: AECES provides Video Editing services wherein our Promotions and Publications department's Video Team will edit your
videos using softwares like Adobe After Effects and Premiere.   We edit these videos according to the customers' liking and needs.   We also provide directing support based on effects the customers  want.
• Offline/Online Forms
AECES provideS development of offline/online forms which can be
used for offline/online registration and elections.

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