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Ateneo Chemistry Society

As the home organization of chemistry majors (but we are not exclusive  to Chem majors!), the Ateneo Chemical Society (ACheS) aims to use  chemistry for building a better society.  Our passion involves enriching  appreciation of everyday chemistry by sharing a deeper understanding of  the science with other people.  We do this through creative and innovative  projects that put a spin on chemistry and its relevance in everyday  life.

Projects and Services
• ACheS Tutorials - chemistry tutorials open to all student of the  Loyola Schools.
• Build-a-Lab - hopes to provide a sustainable chemistry curriculum  to public science high schools by donating and suggesting improvised  chemistry equipment and reagents and also providing tutorials to  the students .
• Kimikabuhayan - currently a tie-up project with MACA that hopes to  provide a community with sustainable livelihood means through the  production chemistry-related merchandise and marketing trainings .
• Kimikamahika - a chemistry-based magic show that shows the relevant applications of chemistry in fun experiments .
• Project Head and Deputy Formation Seminar - this seminar hopes to  train the leaders of the organization based on their departments and  specialties (ex. marketing, finance, documentations and publications).

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