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Collegiate Society of Advertising

CoSA is a full-service advertising organization that caters to clients  both inside and outside the Ateneo.  It breeds the creative minds of our  members so that they may be the ones to dictate the progression and  evolution of the craft. During the process, we provide the rest of the  community with a disruption of the current state of aesthetics through  an avant-garde but practical approach to communicating our ideas.  We  strongly believe that creativity can save the world and that work is not a  desk in an office.

Projects and Services
• Accounts Work - CoSA has its own Accounts department which  handles services for the clients (other student organizations, departments,  offices, and companies). We offer strategic and creative advertising  work through print materials, video, events, and many more  forms of media. CoSA, through the Account manager, shall also work  closely with the client, ensuring quality work.
• CoSA for a Cause - CoSA for a Cause is a project of the Public  Relations department which aims to use advertising as a means to  advance socially relevant issues within the Ateneo community. CoSA  shall work with three advocacy groups (NGOs or student organizations)  in coming up with an advertising and promotions strategy,  which will culminate in a week-long exhibition for each partner  organization.

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