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Ateneo Project for Asian and International Relations

The Ateneo Project for Asian and International Relations is above all an  official international student organization dedicated to the principles of  The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, or HPAIR.  It is  "international" because it is the local chapter of the HPAIR Network, the  international system of HPAIR clubs that HPAIR envisions.   Along with other HPAIR chapters, the Ateneo Project for Asian and  International Relations believes in the concrete, complex effects of relations  among Asian countries. It believes that informed discourse and  advocacy are vital in furthering the youth's genuine understanding and  active involvement in such relations.

Projects and Services
• Conference Consultancy - after holding over 14 national conferences  every year and having been represented in numerous Harvard sponsored  events abroad the Ateneo PAIR would like to share its insight  to other orgs who wish to start their own conference. Details for  this new service is still currently being finalized.
• APAIR Advocacy week-to be held every month, APAIR aims to  partner with a major international NGO and support their cause  through active participation in their movement.  In light of this, APAIR  opens this project for collaboration with the rest of the Ateneo Org community.

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