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Ateneo Debate Society

The ADS, Asia's most-awarded debate institution, has won the National  Debate Championships eight out of 12 times and the Asian Championships  ten of the past 11 years. As one of the Top Ten debate societies in  the world, the ADS has a global reputation for debate excellence.   As a service-oriented student organization, the ADS was awarded by  Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations.   Its nationwide Debate Education Program gained international  recognition as the subject of the winning entry in the 2006 World Bank  International Essay Competition.

Projects and Services
• Debate Education Program - The ADS holds debate seminars to high schools and colleges all over the Philippines, spreading the culture of  critical thinking and policy analysis.
• Philippine Schools Debating Championship - The ADS organizes the country's largest and most prestigious high school debate tournament, drawing hundreds of participants from all over the country.
• Chamber Debates - The ADS holds public debates on campus to  thresh out issues with audiences and provide different perspectives  to the LS Community.
• Dela Costa Cup - A tournament for freshman English classes and a source of competition among their professors, the ADS introduces  young Ateneans to the art of debate.
• Counter campaigns - As an organization that prides itself in discourse, the ADS plans to represent minority interests and perspectives  regarding institutions and policies to the LS Community.
• Pos 100, Sci 10, and SOM Debates - The ADS, in partnership with  schools and departments within the LS Community, organizes  classroom debates to create a more dynamic and engaging learning experience.

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