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Ateneo Lex

After 21 years of excellence performed through its main core competency of Business and Law, Ateneo Lex continues to strive to live up to its motto of Semper excellens, nunquam vulgaris or Always excellent, never mediocre.
Formerly known as the Legal Management Association of the Ateneo (LMAA), its name was changed to Ateneo Lex. A popular misconception about its name is mistakenly identifying "Lex" as "Legal Exchange" or something of that sort.  On the contrary, "Lex" is a Latin term for law which embodies the core focus of the organization as the Premiere Business Law Organization of Ateneo exhibited in its projects grounded on such focus.
After two decades, Ateneo Lex has reached great heights but will not stop striving for greater. Having this vision, the organization will always prioritize its three competencies of Law, Business, and People.  For years, the Ateneo Lex has proven itself to be a progressing work of excellence, successfully carrying out notable projects and establishing a name within and outside the LS Community.

Projects and Services
Lost ID Services: Ateneo Lex's Lost ID Services aims at helping members of the LS Community who need to acquire Affidavits of Loss through our partnerships with legal institutions.

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