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Ateneo Junior Marketing Association
AJMA is the premiere marketing organization in the Ateneo composed of diverse and talented individuals with immense potential to lead the community.  We believe in pushing novel ideas as tools to revolutionize society and go beyond business to use the many facets of marketing as a way to help initiate social entrepreneurship and social change.  By having great events, groundbreaking social initiatives and lasting relationships among its members and partner companies, AJMA has built up its reputation as the pioneers of exploring newer avenues of marketing and innovating ways to elevate it into a way of life.  Our tagline "We Make Things Happen" is not a promise—it's a fact, a result of 20 years of pushing the boundaries of marketing excellence.

Projects and Services
AJMA, through its SMAC events, dedicates Marketing Matters to provide non-BC organizations with talks and workshop from prominent personalities in the industry to provide them with the proper marketing techniques and skills that is essential for their respective organizations.  AJMA has also recently adopted Marketing Helpdesk which is an extension of Marketing Matters and a yearlong service to aid organizations in the Ateneo that are in need of marketing assistance.

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