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Day 1 of Brigada Eskwela 2011
Brigada Eskwela 2011 Kick Off
by Jiza Mari Jimenez

Every year, the Department of Education schedules a weeklong Brigada Eskwela, a school maintenance week that aims to prepare the public schools for the coming school year. Day one (May 18, 2011) of the Ateneo initiated Brigada Eskwela 2011 kicked off with a total of 44 Volunteers visiting 2 ACED Partner Schools, namely, Culiat Elementary School (Tandang Sora, Quezon City) and Lupang Pangako Elementary School (Payatas, Quezon City).

The group that went to Culiat Elementary School was composed of 11 members of the University Physical Plant Office – Facilities Management Office with FMO Director Mr. Jose Arnulfo Batac, Ms. Velilyn Catubig, Mr. Fidel Manaog, Ms. Virginia de Pano, Mr. Eugene Bulatao, Mr. Nereus Perez, Mr. Cesar Balbos, Mr. Remelito Salinas, Mr. Leonardo Digo, Mr. Andre Ticar, and, Mr. Edwin Macasias); 9 members from various offices of Ateneo Grade School including Assistant Headmaster for Formation, Fr. Dario Miguel Saniel, SJ, Formators from the Campus Ministry Office, Ms. Jenny Salvaña and Mr. Jerome Garcia; the Social Involvement Office Coordinator Ms. Remedios Rivera; the Director of the Human Resource Office, Mrs. Maria Resurreccion Alejo; Office Assistant Registrar, Mr. Teddy Javier; Technical Assistant at the Computer Center, Mr. Freddie Sta. Maria; Nursing Aide, Mr. Mat Ramil; and Ms. Olan C. Mendoza; 6 members of the Christian Service and Involvement Program (CSIP), including CSIP Director Mr. Orfelino H. Panotes, Jr, Mr. Erwin K. Proquid, Mr. Arnel B. Oppus, Mr. John Frederick A. Lauron, Mr. Frederick Ian D. Salonga, and Ms. Gerlita O. Sianda; 2 Ateneo Alumnae of Batch 2011, Ms. Patrica D. Sta. Maria and Ms. Vanessa S. Vergara; and a Volunteer from Ayala Land Foundation, Mr. Michael Vincent Leal.

Together, they were able to clean and paint 3 Grade 6 Classrooms, the Grade 6 Corridor, and 8 Blackboards and repair wooden chairs and cork boards.

Ateneo Volunteers composed of members of the University Physical Plant Office – FMO; various offices at the Ateneo Grade School; Christian Service Involvement Program (not in picture); Ateneo Batch 2011 and Ayala Land Foundation.

Mr. Arnie Batac, Director of the University Physical Plant Office – FMO painting the blackboards at a Grade 6 Classroom at Culiat Elementary School.

Freshly painted blackboards! A delight for teachers to write on!

Freshly painted walls at the Grade 6 Corridors

Mr. Pino Panotes, Director of CSIP, waxing the floors of a Grade 6 classrooms.

After the day’s work :)

The group that went to Lupang Pangako Elementary School was composed of 15 Staff and Maintenance Volunteers from the Ateneo Residence Halls including the ARSA Director, Mr. Tim Gabuna, Mr. Ramon Buñag, Ms. Arling Paterno, Ms. Amy Rivera, Ms. Eulalia Tacis, Ms. Bench Gengrimos, Mr. Mateo Enano, Mr. Virgilio Panogadia, Mr. Wilfredo Rosario, Mr. Joffre Arosco, Mr. Jesus Manuel, Mr. Perpetuo Magallanes, Mr. Juanitoges Aquino, Mr. Allan Taglinao and Mr. Dom Vicera.

Together they cleaned 7 classrooms, repainted around 280 chairs and desks did some repairs on the wooden benches.

Volunteers from ARSA are cleaning desks that will be re-painted.

Freshly painted desks

The volunteers from the Ateneo Residence Halls after a day’s work!

All in all, it was a very meaningful day with volunteers coming together to do what they can to help improve the facilities and surroundings of these 2 ACED partner schools in preparation for the coming school year.

On behalf of ACED, we would like to express our deepest thanks to all those who extended their support to this year’s Brigada Eskwela. Thank you for donating and volunteering! Your support will truly make our students happy and more enthusiastic for this coming school year!

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