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In the 1995 Third International Mathematics and Science Study, the Philippines ranked 39th in Mathematics and 41st in Science out of the 42 participating countries. In the TIMSS R in 1999, the Philippines ranked third to the last for both Math and Science out of 42 countries.

For many private schools, recommendations from accreditation processes include ‘the formulation and implementation of programs that will seek to develop the students’ critical and creative thinking skills’.

These indications of a need to do more in terms of developing and nurturing our students’ critical and creative thinking skills prompt educators and parents to seek ways by which our young people can be prepared better for the future.

Critical thinking is about relying on reason, requiring evidence and following evidence where it leads and seeking answers to questions systematically. Critical thinking requires being careful about our assumptions, biases and prejudices. Critical thinking implies openness to multiple realities, alternative ways of proceeding and new paradigms.

Through HATS for H.O.T.S. (Critical and Creative Thinking and More…Using Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats), a conference for school leaders, teachers and parents, we hope to gain insights on how we can form critical and creative thinkers who will be better prepared for the 21st century. Inputs on Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats System® as well as the application of critical thinking in English, Mathematics, Science and sports await the participants in this conference.

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