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Types of Scholarship and Results
What are the types of grants that I can apply for?
The following grants may be applied for:
25% Tuition and fees
50% Tuition and fees
75% Tuition and fees
100% Tuition and fees
Book Allowance
Dormitory Assistance (for provincial residents only)
Transportation Allowance (for Metro Manila residents only)

Or any combination of the above

Can I apply for the Ateneo Freshman Merit Scholarship (AFMS)?
No. AFMS recipients are chosen by the Committee, whether or not they applied for financial aid. These “BEST-OF-THE-BEST” students are selected on the basis of their excellent performance in the ACET, consistent above average HS academic performance and leadership qualities.

Are freshmen in the Director’s List (Top 200) automatically awarded a scholarship?
No. If they need financial aid, they have to apply for scholarship like everyone else. Freshmen in the Director’s List are, however, given privileges like fee exemptions, annual book allowance worth P5,000 and discounts in various university facilities and shops.

Is the DOST scholarship applicable to the Ateneo?
Yes, students who are taking a Natural Science course in the Ateneo are encouraged to take the DOST exam. Students may enjoy both a DOST and Ateneo scholarship in the Loyola Schools. DOST provides a partial tuition grant, book allowance, and a generous monthly stipend.

Are there academic scholarships?
Yes, depending on availability of funds, scholarships may be offered to those who graduate as Valedictorian or Salutatorian of Jesuit Schools and Science Schools. A 100% Tuition and fees scholarship is awarded to Valedictorians while a 50% Tuition and fees scholarship is awarded to Salutatorians. Awardees must meet a yearly Quality Point Index (QPI) to maintain their scholarship.

Can I apply for an athletic scholarship?
Yes. Athletes who are financially challenged must secure an application form from the University Athletics office (Tel no. 4266001 loc. 4190-94). You need to coordinate closely with this office.

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