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Scholarship Applications
How can I apply for financial aid?
An applicant must secure a Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire together with the Application Form for Admission. This has no extra charge. This can be downloaded from the Ateneo website: ( The Questionnaire is to be submitted with the following requirements:

1.        Parents’ detailed and well-written personal letter about the family’s financial situation and the urgent need for continued financial assistance. Ateneo’s support may be reduced or terminated to provide scholarships to other more needy students.


2.        For each presently employed parent AND unmarried sibling of scholar residing with the family, submit the following:

a.        Certificate of Employment & Compensation (including bonuses, commissions, and  allowances). OFW’s must submit copy of employment contract.

b.       Annual Income Tax Return or Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld for 2010. Please indicate in your personal letter if exempted from filing an ITR or reason for non-filing.

c.        Photocopy of pay slips for the last 3 months.


3.        If parents are self-employed/own a business or home industry, submit the following:

a.        A detailed description of the nature of work or business

b.       Income & Expense Financial Statement for 2010

c.        Annual Income Tax Return for 2010. Please indicate in your personal letter if exempted from filing an ITR or reason for non-filing

If applicable, PHOTO of building/establishment/place of business pasted/printed on an 8x11 bond paper.


4.        If parents are retired or were retrenched within the past three years, submit a copy of the Certificate of Retirement or Separation with the amount of retirement/separation benefits received.


5.        Photocopy of electric bill and, if applicable, photocopy of credit card billing statement for the last 3 months.


6.        CLEAR PHOTO of permanent residence (front view) and kitchen. If residing in a building/condominium/apartment, please submit a photo of the whole building. Please paste/print the photos on an 8x11 bond paper.


Application for financial aid does not influence in any way the result of one’s application for admission.

Is there an income cut-off for application?

Is there a separate exam for scholarship?
There is no separate test for those applying for financial assistance.

What are the criteria for selection of incoming Freshman scholars?
The Scholarship committee evaluates the following:

  • ACET results
  • High school grades and rank in school; honors and awards received
  • Sense of service and leadership potential as reflected in student’s extra-curricular involvement
  • Desire to be part of the Ateneo community

Can families who already have Ateneo scholars still apply for financial aid?
Yes, an incoming freshman who has an older brother or sister who have enjoyed scholarships or are presently scholars, may still apply for financial aid. Alumni scholars with jobs are expected to help out in covering the sibling applicant’s school expenses.

If I didn’t get a scholarship this year, can I still apply the following year?
Yes, a 25% to 50% Tuition and Fees (TF) grant may be applied for by Upperclassmen. Some 20 – 30 students are granted scholarships every first semester depending on availability of funds.

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