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Application Decisions
What possible decisions on application should we expect from the Ateneo?
You may get any one of the following decision letters: acceptance, waitlist and not accepted.

How will I know that I was accepted?
Decisions on college and scholarship applications are posted usually within the first few weeks of January, on a set of boards at the Blue Eagle Gym. If you see your name, you either passed or are waitlisted. (It will be indicated). If you don’t see your name, you weren’t accepted. All decision letters are sent to all applicants who submitted complete requirements.

Yey! I was accepted! What next?
  • Welcome to the Ateneo.
  • Follow procedure. Confirm your slot, quick.
  • Did you get into your preferred course? If yes, submit what documents you may need, and then give yourself a pat on the back. Now, prepare for college. If not, write a letter asking for a change of course.
  • In the event that you aren’t allowed to change your course, do not be alarmed. You’ll be able to shift courses after your freshman year.
  • Prepare for college.

OH NO! I got waitlisted!
Follow procedure. Wait. Pray.

OH NO! I wasn’t accepted!
You can always try to transfer after a year.

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