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Courses and Direction of Study
Are there quota courses in the Ateneo?
There are no quota courses, only honors programs. Only those in the top 15% of the ACET can get into the honors programs.

Will my course preference affect my admission?
No. An applicant is first accepted into the Ateneo before he or she is assigned to a course.

So what happens if I don’t qualify for my first choice?
Applicants who do not qualify for their first choice may be allocated to the next choice they qualify in. If you still do not qualify for your second choice, the committee goes through all your other course preferences.

What are the basic similarities and differences among the following courses?
1. BS Applied Math: Mathematical Finance (BS/M AMF) versus BS Mathematics (BS MA)
All of them provide a solid foundation in mathematics
BS MA: The emphasis is on pure (theoretical) mathematics along with some exposure to applied areas of mathematics.
BS/M AMF: It aims to produce graduates skilled in the rigorous mathematics behind stocks, investments and financial markets.

2. BS Computer Science (BS CS) versus BS Computer Engineering (BS CoE) versus BS Management Information  Systems (BS MIS)
All of these courses have something to do with computers and programming.
BS CS: The curriculum focuses on the programming side/computer tool (software)
BS CoE: The curriculum focuses on design of parts/components & assembly of computers (hardware)
 BS MIS: The curriculum also has programming courses but it has more of the management courses.    

3. BS Biology (BS BIO)  and BS Life Science (BS LfSci)
Both courses are designed to have sufficient background in the biological sciences.
BS BIO: It emphasizes the research-based area of biology.
BS LfSci: The curriculum leads to the development of specialized tracks such as Microbiology, Molecular Biology andBiotechnology, Conservation Biology, and Biomedical Science.

4. AB Political Science (AB POS), AB/MA Political Science (AB/MA POS), and AB/M Political Science – Masters in Public Management (AB POS-MPM)
 All have something to do with studies in politics and governance.
AB POS: The curriculum presents a foundational training in theoretical and empirical methods in the area of politics and governmental systems.
AB/MA POS: The curriculum is more oriented towards International Relations and Global Governance.
AB POS-MPM: The curriculum is geared towards Public Management in local and national levels of the public sector.

5. BS Management Engineering (BS ME) versus BS Management-Honors (BS MGT-H)
Both courses are business courses through a rigorous foundation in the mathematics, operation management and quantitative methods.
BS ME: The emphasis is on the operations and management of multi-national corporations, by taking up methodologies in management science and information technology applications.
BS MGT-H: The emphasis is on the development of entrepreneurial skills towards the creation of business ventures, or as managers in small to medium-sized enterprises.

6. AB Literature-English (AB LITENG) versus BFA Creative Writing (BFA CW)
Both are reading courses that introduce the students into the world of literature.
AB LIT(ENG): The curriculum emphasizes the theoretical and critical approaches to literary genres.
BFA CW: The curriculum emphasizes the art of writing literary pieces through a host of seminars and workshops.

What are the pre-med courses in Ateneo?    
In 2004, BS Health Sciences was introduced to provide the seamless, integrated preparation for the professional training in the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, which opened in 2007.

In School Year 2008 -2009, the Biology Department of the Ateneo de Manila University undertook a revision of its academic programs. The originally 4-year BS Biology Program was revised to a 5-year program and BS Life Sciences was introduced.

Apart from BS Health Sciences, BS Biology and BS Life Sciences, BS Psychology may be taken by Ateneo students in preparation for medical school. 100% of the graduates of BS Biology and BS Psychology who have applied to top medical schools have been admitted.

What are the pre-law courses?
Due to the rigorous training and holistic formation that the Ateneo offers, all of the programs under the Loyola Schools may be suitable preparation for students of law. Many students intending to take up law in the future commonly take up AB Political Science, AB Philosophy, AB History or Management courses.

How long does it take to finish a course in Ateneo?
All degree programs are four-year courses, with the exception of the following courses (which take five years to complete):
  • AB/MA Political Science
  • AB/M Political Science - Public Management
  • BS Biology
  • BS Chemistry/ BS Applied Computer Systems
  • BS Chemistry/ BS Materials Science and Engineering
  • BS Computer Engineering
  • BS/MS Computer Science
  • BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • BS Environmental Science
  • BS Management Information Systems/ MS Computer Science
  • BS/M Applied Mathematics, Major in Mathematical Finance
  • BS Physics
  • BS Applied Physics/ BS Applied Computer Systems
  • BS Physics/ BS Materials Science and Engineering.

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