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General Information
What does Ateneo look for in an applicant?
Admission to the Loyola Schools is open to qualified young men and women. Admission is determined by the applicant’s fitness and preparation for the college programs, ability to contribute toward the enrichment of the undergraduate school community, and potential to be of service to one’s fellowmen within the context of national development.

What are the criteria for admission?
The Committee on Admission and Aid considers the applicant’s Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) results, high school grades, recommendations, extra - & co-curricular activities and all other information in the application form. There is no numerical weight for each.

What is the cut-off grade for admission?
There is no cut-off grade for admission. The test results are in percentiles which are dependent on the performance of the whole batch of examinees. Of course, applicants with high grades in high school and high scores in the ACET have better chances of being accepted.

How are high school grades evaluated when high schools differ in grading system?
The processing of applications is done by school. The Committee gets an idea of a particular school’s grading system by comparing the grades of the applicants within the school.

I’m from the province. Are Metro Manila applicants given priority over provincial applicants?
No. Both undergo the same Admission process.

Is there a quota in the number of students to be accepted per region?
None. There is no limit as to the number of provincial applicants to be accepted. All qualified applicants regardless of region are accepted.

How long does the admission application process take?
The admission application process takes almost a year, with applications starting in June. Thus, all applications are considered for admission for the next school year. Applicants are highly encouraged to apply as early as June while undergoing their senior year in high school. There are no admissions for the second semester.

How can I apply for admission?
  1. Secure an application form from the Office of Admission and Aid, your high school guidance counselor or the nearest Provincial Testing Center. The application and testing fee for applicants is PHP 500.00. The application fee for applicants from high schools abroad is USD 50.
  2. Fill out and submit the completed application form and exam permit, together with all other requirements, at the Office of Admission and Aid, or at the Provincial Testing Center. The ACET will be taken at the place (or testing center) where the application form is submitted.
  3. Register for the ACET at the Office of Admission and Aid or at the Provincial Testing Center.
  4. Take the ACET during your assigned schedule. Wait for the decision on your application.

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