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Middle School

Middle School

The journey of our Grade School students is that of an inner quest. The curriculum concentrates on the thrust of basic education and, following the inspiration of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the development of the ideal Ateneo product: a person for others. Academic excellence and a search for meaning, through spiritual formation and social commitment, contextualize the students' life in this phase of their education.
Profile of the Ideal MS Student, is as follows....

The ideal Ateneo de Manila MS student

Is a young adolescent who...
Cultivates a loving relationship with God,
            Manifests self-knowledge, self-worth,
                 self-discipline and self-direction,
            Strives for academic progress in knowledge,
                 competencies and skills,
            Shows acceptance of, respect and concern
                 for others, and strengthens his sense
                 of community,
            Conserves and promotes his Filipino cultural
                 heritage and resources, and takes
                 pride in his Filipino identity....
           And all these, for the greater glory of God.

These goals are sought to be attained through the MS curriculum. This is the sum of experiences of learners from Grade 4 to Grade 7 which takes place under the auspices of the AGS. Four programs contribute to student learning:

First, the program of studies (the various subject  areas that are the viable means for achieving school goals and objectives.)
Second, the program of activities (sports, clubs,
Third, the program of services (cafeteria, medical
           and health, guidance, library)
Fourth, the hidden curriculum (the school climate
            and informal student interaction, school
           policies, procedures and practices)

The academic subjects include the skill subjects (Math and the Language Arts - English and Filipino) and the content subjects (Science, Araling Panlipunan, Christian Life Education). The special subjects which are cultural, physical or psychological include Music and Art, Physical Education, Work and Computer Education, the Psychological Education Program of the Guidance Department, Middle School also gives attention to the intellectually-gifted students through its MAGIS program in Mathematics and Communication Arts-English.
Middle School follows the team teaching scheme and a curriculum meant to address the intellectual needs of the students as well as to guide them as they grapple with emerging psychological, social ad emotional needs in their transition years. The student's abilities to investigate and reflect, think of himself, solve problems and make decision on personal and public issues and form his own character through Christian Life Education and values education integrated in the different subject areas, are developed.
Middle School offers an academic program that builds on basic skill development in the primary years, a solid spiritual formation program, a strong intramural and sports program, an extensive co-curricular program and a dynamic guidance program intended to promote a culture of leadership and provide students with an array of opportunities to develop themselves to be young leaders - articulate and socially-aware and involved in Philippine society.


Ma Regina Eugenio GLC 4
local 7144

Jesusa Castillo GLC 5
local 7145

Felicidad B Santos GLC 6
local 7146

Joseph T Morales GLC 7
local 7147

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