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Center for Psychological and Educational Assessment (ACÈSS)
Ateneo Center for Psychological & Educational Assessment

The Ateneo Center for Psychological and Educational Assessment (ACESS) is an auxiliary unit providing psychological testing and test development services to university, corporate, and government clients.

At its core is an expertise in assessment that ACESS has harnessed to service the needs of past and present clients, which include: corporations engaged in pharmaceuticals, real estate, semi-conductors, cement manufacturing, sugar refinery, and banking; government agencies engaged in trade and industry and foreign affairs; schools; NGOs and a Jesuit volunteer organization.

With its partnership with Prometric, ACESS has expanded its services to include the delivery of computer-based standardized tests (e.g., GRE ® and TOEFL ®) for admission to graduate schools in the U.S. and professional licensure/certification (e.g., U.S. Medical Licensing Examination, Information Technology Tests - Microsoft, Adobe, HP, Java, etc.) for U.S. practice.


We are committed to working with individuals and organizations in the pursuit of personal, professional, and organizational excellence.

With psychological and educational assessment tools, we assist clients in making informed and sound personnel-choice decisions, professionalizing organizational and educational selection programs, maximizing human resource potentials, achieving deeper self-knowledge, and embarking on growth-enhancing career and life changes.


The Ateneo Center for Psychological and Educational Asssessment (ACESS) was formerly the Central Guidance Bureau. Established on September 8, 1960 and based in Padre Faura in the early years, it was originally conceived as the psychological services office of the university and the practicum venue of the Department of Psychology. Initially under the leadership of Fr. James Culligan, S.J., followed by Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, S.J. in the 60s and 70s, the office remained true to its mandate through the years while simultaneously looking outward, venturing beyond the confines of the university while keeping its roots here.

At various times in its 47-year history, ACESS offered an eclectic range of services that included counseling, market research, overseas employment testing, marital annulment casework, test construction, assessment center technology, training and organizational development, personal and professional growth workshops, and Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Up until the mid-90s, ACESS’s services could be classified into testing, test development, and training. With the spin-off of the training arm to establish the Center for Leadership and Change Incorporated, ACESS focused its resources on testing and test development. Thus, it now consists of two units taking care of Test Development and Special Projects (TDSP), and University, Business and Clinical Testing (UBCT).

In October 1999, ACESS forged a partnership with then Sylvan Prometric (now Prometric) to be part of a global network of test sites delivering computer-based tests. With this added role as host institution of a Prometric Testing Center, ACESS builds on its 47-year history of wide-ranging service, diverse clientele, responsiveness to the times, and rootedness in the Ateneo's mission of service and excellence.

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List of Head and Staff

1.    Guerrero, Ana Maria T.
        Director/ Supervising Psychologist, TDSP
        426-6001 4600
2.    Ylaya, Gina R.
        Senior  Psychologist, TDSP
        426-6001 ext. 4602
3.    Batongbacal, Donna L.
        Senior Psychologist, TDSP
        426-6001 ext. 4601
4.    Bulatao, Ma. Aurora B.
        Supervising  Psychologist, UBCT
        426-6001 ext. 4604
5.    Eleosida, Isabelle S.
        Senior Psychologist, UBCT
        426-6001 ext. 4603

6.    Garabiles, Melissa
        Part time Psychologist, UBCT
        426-6001 ext. 4603
7.    Torres, Viola Jo Ann
        Associate Psychologist, UBCT
        426-6001 ext. 4603
8.    Moral, Kristine Faith C.
        Assistant Psychologist, UBCT
        426-6001 ext. 4605

9.    Sicam , Giya S.
        Assistant Psychologist, UBCT
        426-6001 ext. 4605
10.  Obag, Marie Elise M.
        Center Coordinator / Senior Test Administrator,
        Prometric Testing Center
11.  dela Cruz, Ma. Catherine I.
        Administrative Assistant
        426-6001 ext. 4600
12.  Aguilar, Ria T.
        Office Assistant for Accounts
        426-6001 ext. 4606
13.  Gamboa, Michelle G.
        Office Assistant, TDSP
        426-6001 ext. 4601
14.  Roslin, Donna C.
        Office Assistant , UBCT
        426-6001 ext. 4603