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Poverty, Capacity, Nation
Starting July 13, 2010 and every 2nd and 4th Tuesday thereafter, the Ateneo Professional Schools and its partners will continue to share their stories of capacity building, attacking poverty and building the nation through the opinion column, Poverty, Capacity, Nation in the Business World newspaper. 

We invite you to read more of the stories of our partners and school units. More importantly, we urge you to share your own stories of capacity building with us as well so we can deepen and enrich our collective efforts of nation building through building capacity of individuals and institutions.

For inquiries, please email:

An unfinished tapestry (by by Ma. Eufemia C. Yap) (2011-07-26)

Looking Beyond  (by Janette Loreto-Garin) (2011-07-12)

Blessed are the poor  (by Nina Sison-Arroyo) )2011-06-28)

More than just money (by Ma. Amihan Perez) (2011-06-14)

Making a difference (by Justine Paredes) (2011-05-10)

CONSTRUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT: Connecting Government and Citizens (by Ma. Amihan R. Perez) (2011-04-26)

Children cannot wait (by Nina Patricia Sison-Arroyo) (2011-04-12)

Feeding 4,000 (by Manuel Tenmatay) (2011-03-22)

Bringing change to improve lives (by Amihan R. Perez) (2011-03-08)

The world between (by Justine Thomson) (2011-02-22)

Connecting and caring (by Ma. Eufemia C. Yap) (2011-02-08)

Systematic and systemic (by Carmela Oracion) (2011-01-25)

Balancing passion and profit. (by Asuncion M. Sebastian) (2011-01-11)

Understanding governance and poverty. (by Marisol Astrea L. Balane) (2010-12-28)

Should we care? (by Maria Eufemia C. Yap) (2010-12-14)

A Tool for Social Development
(by Asuncion M. Sebastian) (2010-11-23)

Faces Behind the laws (by Gilbert V. Sembrano) (2010-11-09)

Bayanihang Eskwela (by Rafaela David) (2010-10-26)

Disconnectedness (by Alfredo R.A. Bengzon) (2010-10-12)

A paradigm of excellence in law (By Dean Cesar Villanueva) (2010-09-28)

New ways of thinking about health (By Dr. Marife Yap) (2010-09-07)

Leaders for health program (By Dr. Marife Yap) (2010-08-25)

Where 'politics' is not a bad word (by Ms. Amihan Perez) (2010-08-12)

Wanted: MBAs for nation building (by Dr. Cesar Mansibang) (2010-07-27)

Weaving the tapestry of nationhood (by Dr. Alfredo Bengzon) (2010-07-22)

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