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Associate Dean for Student Affairs
The services of the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (ADSA) are of two aspects, namely, Student Services and Formation and Development.

Formation and Development

The Office sees to it that there is an integrated non-academic formation program for students. It oversees the programs of the different offices servicing non-academic student needs and ensures their alignment with the University’s and the Loyola Schools’ mission and thrusts. Student Formation and Development has four critical areas, namely, research and evaluation, program development, program implementation and resource development.

Student Services

The Student Handbook

The ADSA office oversees the updating, preparation and distribution of the Student Handbook as well as the enforcement of its general regulations and the code of discipline.

Directory of Accredited Off-campus Student Housing Facilities

The Office prepares and provides free directories for students looking for safe and secure off-campus housing facilities or dormitories.

Emergency medical assistance

Emergency Transport. When a student suddenly falls ill while in school, the ADSA Office attends to the emergency needs of the student. Parents/guardians are informed of the emergency. The Office oversees the emergency procedures until the student is turned over to the parents or guardian. Depending on the severity of the illness, the student may be brought to either the College Infirmary, the Health Development institute or the nearest hospital. Blood Transfusion. When a member of the Loyola Schools community is ill and needs an emergency blood transfusion, the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs serves as a vital link between the patient and donors, for much-needed blood donation through its linkages with the National Kidney Institute and with hospitals such as St. Luke’s Medical Center, Lungsod ng Kabataan and Philippine Heart Center. Aside from organizing regular blood donation drives, the ADSA Office, in emergency cases, looks for willing donors with the needed blood type and provides transportation to the hospital where the person needing blood is confined.

Call slips from parents and school authorities

The office handles important messages by parents or school authorities. For urgent matters (i.e., sudden illness, death, accident, disciplinary), administrators, faculty, parents and staff may request the Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to issue Call Slips to students that they wish to see/talk to between class periods.

Student security and campus traffic

The office handles student security on campus and, in coordination with the University Physical Plant Office, campus traffic.

Identification card services

The ADSA Office oversees the production and release of identification cards for legitimately enrolled students during the current school year.

Recording and recognition of student achievement and excellence

Students’ achievements are recorded and recognized through a procedure whereby the award winners or their representatives formally notify the ADSA Office. The ADSA Office in turn notifies the Office of the Vice-President of the Loyola Schools which then issues an official notice to the Loyola Schools community recognizing the student achievement.

Other Services

The ADSA Office also provides the following services: processing and approval of requests either by outside establishments not sponsored by any organization or by internal non-student groups who may wish to hold any selling or marketing activity on campus; organizing of campus/ educational tours throughout the year for prospective students, institutional guests and other visitors to the university; issuance of certificates of good moral character which students request either for transfer to other schools, job referrals, further studies, visa processing, and the like; the processing of requests for permission to bring official chaperon/bodyguard, temporary parking or gate passes for students including those physically challenged, and student accident insurance claims. The office also releases and handles waiver forms for official out-of-town campus activities, projects and trips for which parental consent is obtained.

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Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs
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